Our facilitators have lead professional development workshops and facilitated trainings across New York City creating purposeful and engaging sessions with the Department of Youth and Child Development (DYCD), Educational Alliance, Community Schools, Century 21, Boys and Girls Clubs, the Department of Heath, EXPANDED, and others which has allowed us to have a greater understanding of what works in adult professional development and what does not. We offer a standard set of workshops which will be tailored after hearing your needs and story to create a program that is just right for you and your team.



Personal Development Is Professional Development

In this workshop we look into personal development strategies as catalysts for deeper inquiry into our professional lives, and ask how can we bring healing and nourishment into the workplace?

By asking deeper questions geared toward our personal journeys, we can bring more intentionality and authenticity into the work that we do as we reconnect with our most powerful tools for learning and transformation: intuition, empathy, and imagination.

As wellness continues to be at the forefront of our collective healing, we find that our purpose and professional goals are calling for reevaluation and reinvention. Through a series of holistic exercises that connect sensory observation, mindfulness practices, journaling, and the creative arts, we’ll offer a voice to our needs, and come away with deeper knowledge about ourselves.

This is crafted to nourish and affirm. Instead of looking at the Self as serving your professional career, we offer a lens in which your professional career is meant to serve and support the Self.

Reiki + Energy: Healing Circle to Support Professional Educators and Creatives

This workshop is geared towards educators and creatives in need of support, affirmation, and healing.

As healers at the front lines of trauma and social injustice, artists and educators often experience burn-out, lethargy, and an overwhelming responsibility to their purpose. Sometimes without even recognizing it, the work has enhanced their empathic abilities, resulting in a two-fold process of creating deep connections within community as well as carrying the energies and stories of those they serve.

Self-care, energetic boundaries, and community support are vital for professionals in this field. In this workshop we’ll discuss the different energy bodies and their functions as well as strategies and techniques for clearing, cleansing, and revitalizing our inner-healer. Through Reiki healing, meditation, breath work and creative visualization, we’ll access inner realms yearning to be heard, and create healthy ways to serve our communities while continuing to show-up for ourselves. This gathering is intended to hold space, offer deep energetic healing, and engage in practices that nourish the psyche.

Your goals and outcomes facilitated by one of our team.

Every professional environment has room for growth in equitable practices, mindful habits, and creating space for honoring and grounding the challenges that face us as a society and individual. Let's work together to create a unique workshop for your team which can encompass the goals and outcomes that you would like to create for your workshop.