Drag Queen Art Making Night:

Have a great time making art such as “Diva Platters”, and “Fabulous Fruit Bowls” with support and guidance from our Drag Queen Educator and Entertainer. Whether at our venue, Zoom, or in your own home, this experience blends art making, humor, music, and enlightens all of the senses with a culminating piece of art you can enjoy for years to come.

Tasting Parties:

Food and Drink naturally bring people together and with the help of a seasoned food educator and historian can bring the experience to a whole new level. A few of our Tasting Parties include:

Bubbles + Pizza:

 Tasting Prosecco, Cava, and Champagne alongside the three but diverse and sometimes controversial Pizza essentials… Crust, Sauce, and Cheese! Examine and taste three types of mozzarella cheese, local and imported tomatoes, and several styles of dough/crusts. Learn about the history and evolution of each product!

Classic Wine and Cheeses of Hudson Valley and Beyond:

Tasting regional or imported Robust Reds to soft and supple Pinot Noirs, the story of Rose and it’s evolution, and Elegant White Vins from the Mountains. Each tasting will be paired with a local or imported fine cheeses and accompanied with crisp crackers or seasonal fruits for a splendid conversation and relaxed time together.