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David Schmidt


David Schmidt grew up in Durham, NC, where he began his professional dance career in 1992 and received his BFA from UNC Greensboro in 2001.  After graduating, David moved to Brooklyn, where he co-founded the dance company everything smaller. He performed and taught up and down the East Coast—most notably at UNC, Swarthmore College, NYU, Middlebury College, and the University of Michigan—until a major shift in his life in 2009 took him beyond the realm of dancing and into the realm of parenting. He is happy to be back teaching his personal philosophy of dance, which is a very inclusive, bare-bones style of movement. David wholeheartedly believes in the ability of individuals to move authentically and imaginatively through space and time, regardless of internalized belief systems.

For Fall 2023, David will be teaching the following workshop:

The Dancing Within (Ages 8-13)

The Dancing Within (Adults)

David Schmidt
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