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Afterschool Kids with Transport

Creative Arts Workshop is excited to offer an after-school program for all families with children in grades K-5 for the 2023-2024 School Year that includes an optional pickup from select schools and school bus stops in Nyack*. Children can also be dropped off at CAW on the days they are registered.

The afternoon schedule is as follows:

Kids Cafe from 3:30-4:25pm: Homework time, snack, and reading time with workshop assistants

Daily Arts Workshop from 4:30-6:00pm: Each day, we have two arts workshops taught by our talented team of Teaching Artists, one for each age group: Ages 4-7 and Ages 8-11

Pick up: 6:00pm

Half-day Holiday Camps: Your monthly membership includes access to all our Half-day Holiday Camps at no additional charge, if that half-day falls on the same day of the week that your child is already scheduled to be with us! This means on any Nyack Public School half-days, your child(ren) can ride the bus or shuttle to the Workshop and stay with us at Holiday Camp until 5:30pm. 

*CAW is in no way affiliated with the Nyack Public Schools.

If your child attends Liberty Elementary School: 

Creative Arts Workshop will provide pickup from a bus stop across the street from the studio.

NOTE: In order to qualify for the bus stop pickup, your child must already qualify for bussing based on your home address. You will just be responsible for requesting an Alternate Site from Nyack Public Schools Transportation Office and coordinating with your child's school for drop-off to the nearest stop to CAW on the days you select.


To make this request, please complete and submit this form to the Nyack Public Schools Transportation Dept: Request for Alternate Site. You will additionally need to send a letter to your child's teacher to ensure they get on the correct bus on the days they will be coming to CAW.


Be sure that you request your afternoon bus drop-off at Creative Arts Workshop at 171 Main Street. Nyack NY 10960. (They will be dropped off just across the street from the workshop and a CAW staff member will be there to meet them and walk them to CAW.)

Also be sure to indicate which days of the week your child should be dropped off at the appropriate alternate site. (You can choose any day(s) of the week but it must be the same day(s) for the full semester. For example, you can choose Tuesdays and Thursdays for the entire semester, but not Tuesday one week and Wednesday the next.)


Once your request is approved, please confirm with us by emailing


On the days you request, CAW Workshop Assistants will be waiting to pick up your child(ren) at the appropriate bus stop. If your child is not coming on a given day, please alert us here at CAW.

Additional Information
  • Afterschool Kids Bundles begin at the start of the 2024-25 school year

  • Afterschool Kids Bundles do not run on days that school is closed for a holiday. Please see our Holiday Camp page for options on those days.

  • When our Arts Workshop Programs have gaps in the schedule, we will run "Kaleidoscope Arts" for all Afterschool Kids Bundles participants, which is a variety of arts-based programs, until the regular schedule of workshops resumes again. 

  • If on any day that your child is registered for Afterschool Kids Bundles, they will not be able to stay at CAW, you will be responsible to pick up your child from the Workshop on that day, in essence signing them out early. The bussing schedule must remain consistent throughout the semester/year.

  • There are no refunds for days that your child is not able to attend. And if you choose the 5 Days/Week option, there are no price adjustments if your child has activities elsewhere on a particular day of the week. This option gives you access to as many days as you need throughout the semester.

  • CAW cannot guarantee that all homework will be completed.

  • Weekly activities can be found on our website and are age-specific. If your child is under the age of 7, they will take those workshops which include Nature & Elemental Arts Theatre, Rainbow Arts, Just Dance, and more! Workshops for ages 8 and up include Culinary Arts, Magic, Young Bohemians Theatre, Musical Connections and more. 

  • If any child would like to participate in the alternate age activity, that is fine. We are honoring of each child and where they feel they would like to spend their time. That said, once set up in a certain workshop, we will ask that the child stay in that workshop until our sessions transition (some workshops run for 6 weeks and others run for 12 weeks).

  • For all monthly payment plan, you will be charged the first payment when you enroll and subsequent payments will be autocharged on the same day of the month for the number months indicated. If your payment method is declined, you will receive a notification and you will have 3 days to update the payment method.

CAW Shuttle Pre-registration

Afterschool Kids w/Transportation

2024-25 Pre-registration

Save your child's spot on the shuttle for the 2024-25 school year with just your first month's deposit. Please submit one form per child.

Select Your Child's School
How many days?
Which days of the week?

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